Tips for purchasing and using disposable plastic lunch boxes

1. Quality and safety are very important, and counterfeits are not acceptable. The closer the texture is to the porcelain, the better. Its surface is as smooth and reflective as ceramics, and its hand feel is too heavy; The closer the texture is to plastic, the worse it is. Its surface is obviously not as smooth as ceramic, and its feel is also light. Poor melamine tableware products have a small amount of small bubbles, whitening, shallow cracks, obvious stems, bulge bottoms and ripples, and obvious mottled spots, while high-quality ones do not.

2. The purchase depends on the channel, and only qualified products can be purchased. You should go to the regular shopping malls and supermarkets to buy. It is recommended to give priority to the melamine products of well-known brands, and avoid buying three no products.

3. Don’t pay for the “appearance”. It is reliable to be the same inside and outside. Try to choose tableware with smooth surface, white or light color and no pattern inside, especially tableware for infants and children. Do not choose products with bright color patterns inside tableware.

4. The label and identification shall be clear, and careful inspection shall not be careless. Melamine tableware products or labels shall be conspicuously marked with: product name, trademark, executive standard number, production date and shelf life or production batch number and limited use date, product specification, model, grade and quantity, product qualification identification, use temperature, name, address and contact information of the manufacturer, production license number, etc. Avoid purchasing products without labels.

5. Do not scrub melamine tableware with steel wire balls during cleaning. There is a layer of melamine powder bright film on the surface, which can protect tableware. It is better to scrub tableware with tableware cleaner and soft gauze to avoid scratches on the product surface.

Post time: Nov-11-2022


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