Mold making injection molding

We can produce from quick proofing molds to various high standard molds according to customer requirements. Types include side-pull and lift-top standard dies, hot runner dies, strip dies, thin-wall dies, and insert-type overmolding dies.

We make molds according to precise DME and Hasco standards. Can supply any brand of mold accessories requested, such as Progressive PCS, Parker, DME and others. We purchase high-grade steel and other mold materials from Diado, Assab (UddehomBohler) and Thyssen companies. According to customer requirements, we can configure various brands of hot runner systems such as Yudo, Husky, DME, Moldmaster.

We have injection molding machines ranging from 60TON to 1250TON to produce high-precision plastic products. Equipped with pad printing, assembly line and other equipment to realize the complete production of product injection molding assembly. The raw materials used in production involve PMMA, AS, GPS, POM, PA, etc., and the precision size is between ±0.1M/M. Its engineering plastics include PBT, ABS, PP, PPS, NORYL, PC/ABS, etc., with high-level management The team is managed with the goal of achieving quality and customer satisfaction.

Post time: Nov-02-2022


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