Can plastic tableware be microwave heated?

1. It depends on the material of plastic tableware

Polypropylene (PP) plastic tableware – commonly used microwave heating plastic material. Food grade polypropylene material is cheap, non-toxic, tasteless, and can be used in a temperature range of – 30~140 ℃. It can be either heated in a microwave oven or refrigerated in a freezer.

Plastic tableware made of polyethylene (PE) – it has excellent low temperature resistance and slightly poor high temperature resistance, and is generally used as a container for refrigerated food.

Melamine tableware is also a plastic tableware commonly used in daily life, but it cannot be put into the microwave oven for heating. This is because of the particularity of the molecular structure of melamine plastic. Microwave will cause its chemical reaction, change its physical properties, and crack will occur during use.

2. See the product description of plastic tableware

In the daily use of plastic tableware, pay attention to the label identification of the product, to see whether the product is marked with material, use temperature range, and whether it is marked with microwave words or microwave signs.

In addition, it should be noted whether the container itself and the container cover are of the same material. It should be carefully confirmed or the cover should be removed for reheating. The heating temperature must not exceed its heat resistance limit. In addition, plastic products will age and become discolored and brittle after repeated use for a period of time. If plastic lunch boxes become yellow or their transparency is significantly reduced, they should be replaced in a timely manner.

3. Key shopping points

We have learned about the characteristics of daily plastic tableware materials, so we can buy plastic tableware of corresponding materials as needed! In addition, we should especially remind everyone: First, we should buy regular plastic tableware, and not buy “three no” products without guaranteed quality; Second, check the instructions before use to determine whether microwave heating can be carried out, and remember not to exceed the maximum heat resistance temperature marked on the product!

Post time: Nov-11-2022


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